Troop 251, Kingwood, NJ
Bucks County Council
Hunterdon Arrowhead District

Tom Proctor, Scoutmaster

David Oertle, Troop Committee Chair

Troop 251 was chartered in 1996. We currently have about 28 active scouts in the troop with 10+ active adults.

We wear the standard Class A Boy Scout uniform with green scout belt and short sleeve shirt. In the warm months we wear scout shorts and short scout socks. You can get these items at any scout shop. When you join, we supply you with a troop neckerchief and book.

The philosophy of the Troop is simple - we seek to take beginner Scouts and develop them into tough, socially responsible citizen-leaders with positive, can-do attitudes towards their own and America's future. As an aid to this philosophy, the Troop runs a comprehensive advancement program and an ambitious outdoor/camping program, with at least one major (weekend) activity a month. The Troop also participates in several long-term camping trips every summer, including a BSA summer camp.


Troop 251 believes the heart and soul of Scouting is found in the outdoors, so we get out as often as we can, in all types of weather. We camp at State Parks, Scout camps and on private land.

The troop traditionally meets on Friday evening so we can depart at 5 pm. We return to the departure point on Sunday afternoon, around noon. On campouts far from home, leadership estimates our Sunday arrival time before we leave so parents have a general idea of when we'll return. If we have traveled an unusually long distance, scouts can call home with our arrival time.

Campouts are usually not that expensive. Scouts pay for the food they will eat. Each patrol plans its own menu and the Senior Patrol Leader approves it. Troop 251's Scouts pride themselves on their Dutch oven cooking. One Scout in each patrol buys the food for his patrol and the buying responsibility rotates among patrol members.

Troop 251 provides gear for each patrol to take on campouts. We have excellent tents, groundcovers, lanterns, stoves and a complete camp kitchen for each patrol. For regular troop campouts, Scouts only need to bring personal gear (sleeping bags, clothes, flashlights, etc.).

Troop campouts are designed by the Patrol Leaders' Council to offer training in Scouting skills, advancement opportunities and to be FUN! Over the course of a year, the troop regularly works on merit badge requirements for cooking, camping, hiking, canoeing, orienteering, pioneering, and many others.


Troop 251 offers a hiking program for our adventurous and outgoing scouts. We try to encourage all of our young men to participate in our hiking program.


We believe that quality gear and good planning are the cornerstones to a great trip. We also believe in education and provide qualified instruction in canoeing, swimming and safety skills.

Troop 251 has its own canoe trailer and 8 canoes. This allows us to go where we want and when we want without expensive reservations.

We try to schedule 4-5 canoe trips each summer. The troop canoes on the Delaware River, Merrill Creek Reservoir, Lake Waywayanda, Cedar Creek and many other lakes in the area.

All participants are required to wear life jackets.